MOOC Posters


This website allows anyone to download and print PDF posters for popular MOOCs for free.


Que: Which course providers are supported currently?
Ans: Being a "Ship early" fanboy, only Coursera is supported right now. But posters for Udacity and EdX will be available sometime in or after third week of December 2013.

Que: Who maintains this website?
Ans: Amber Jain developed, maintains and hosts this website. For any queries, feel free to contact me.

Que: How does this website works?
Ans: A Python script automatically searches Coursera website (using the Coursera's private API which I discovered using trial-and-error) for new courses every 24 hours. If it finds any new course(s), it automatically creates and hosts PDF poster(s) for new course(s) on this website.

Que: What technology stack does this website uses?
Ans: This site uses Python 2.7, Django 1.6, ReportLab, qrcode on backend and Twitter Bootstrap for front-end. The site is deployed using Nginx and Gunicorn on Ubuntu 12.04 Linux servers on DigitalOcean's VPS. This site uses a Git/GitHub for version control. The site uses a custom configuration of Git and Fabric for continuous deployment.

Que: Who pays the bill for hosting this website? Can I donate to pay for site hosting?
Ans: Amber Jain, the developer of this site, pays for site hosting. Fortunately, I'm able to pay the expenses for hosting this website from my pocket. But if you like this site, please consider making a donation to any of the following: